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Clear Aligners


Clear Aligners

With recent developments in orthodontics, braces are now nearly unnoticeable!

A cutting-edge alternative to braces called invisible aligners straightens your teeth without needing wires and brackets by employing a set of transparent, individualized, removable tools known as aligners. Few people will know that you are straightening your teeth because they are practically invisible.

Advantages of invisible aligners over conventional braces:

  • The most cutting-edge digital teeth-straightening treatment option, clear aligners are transparent and do not require the use of braces or wires. The Invisalign method uses a sequence of clear, translucent aligners that are undetectable by others while you are receiving treatment.
  • Hassle-free treatment: Compared to braces, aligners are very convienent in daily life. Contrary to braces requiring monthly medical visits to tighten the braces, invisible aligners require extremely few doctor visits. With invisible aligners, the patient can advance with treatment by opening sealed, sterile aligner packets every week as directed by the doctor.
  • Virtual Appointments allow patients who cannot physically visit the clinic, particularly during the current Covid Pandemic, to be monitored virtually. Organize your time to do more.
  • With invisible aligners, you may evaluate your available treatment options (Extraction, Non-Extraction, Expansion, and IPR) and choose the one that best suits your needs. You can also digitally monitor your treatment's progress and outcomes before you begin it.
  • With invisible aligners, there are no food limitations; patients may take out their aligners and eat whatever they want.
  • Oral hygiene is not impacted as with braces.
  • Teenagers who were wearing braces had no sporting injuries.
  • Digital treatment plans, which are made specifically for each patient, produce far superior results to conventional braces. Each tooth's linear and angular movements are independently planned in three dimensions.